N-Series G-Plate


Highly Efficient Power-plant and Fuel Economy

Small-displacement engines which at the same time realise high output, clean emissions and superb fuel economy: these next-generation engines raises overall vehicle efficiency.

Common-Rail Ultra-High-Pressure Fuel Injection System

Electronic control injects fuel precisely at extremely high pressure in 1/1000 second units and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM).


4JJ1 (Direct-injection DOHC turbo diesel)
  • Displacement 2, 999CC
  • Max Output: 81Kw (110PS) / 3100rpm
  • Max Torque: 250Nm (25.5kgm) / 1200rpm

Large-Volume Cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

Exhaust gases are cooled and mixed with intake air for re-combustion. Optimising the cooling temperature and increasing the rate and capacity of the EGR system, reducing NOx without detracting from fuel economy.


VGS (Variable Geometry System) Turbo

By varying the turbo entry area, turbocharging is more efficient at low revs. This brings a number of benefits, including improvement of low-speed acceleration, better fuel economy and a reduction in PM.

Improved Safety and Environmental Friendly


Double Wishbone Independent Suspension

Double Wishbone Independent Suspension is used for the front. This new system gently absorbs shocks from road surface to achieve excellent running stability and comfortable riding. Increased roll resistance ensures remarkable maneuverability on rough roads and when cornering.


Lockable Fuel Tank Cap

Pre-tensioner Seatbelts with Load-Limiter

A pre-tensioner function has been added to the seatbelt with load limiter, boosting safety. Besides excellent restraint capability, the load limiter function loosens the belt when it is subjected to a load beyond a certain level, relaxing pressure on the chest and reducing damage to the driver during a collision.


Front Disk Brake

Control is improved through superior heat dispersion and eliminating brake fade.

More Comfortable Cockpit

Convenient features and plenty of storage space: REWARD is comfortable and efficient, and ready for business.


The Instrument Panel

The Instrument Panel, where the switches are located, is meticulously streamlined to provide more leg-room space, resulting in ease of movement and operability.


Tilt & Telescopic Power-Assisted Steering

Power Window and Power Door Lock

Excellent Platform Accessibility

The longer steps and expand-floor areas provide excellent platform accessibility


Tiltable Cab For easy maintenance

Door Pockets

Detailed Consideration for Easy Entry and Exit

The grip-type outside-door handles, the swing-out doors and the enlarged inside-door handles, provide a very smooth experience from opening and closing the doors to climbing in and out of the cab.