N-Series (Light Duty) Y-Plate




Direct-injection DOHC turbo diesel
  • Displacement 2,999cc
  • Max. Output: 110/3100rpm
  • Max. Torque: 250/1200 – 3100rpm

Front Disc Brakes

Control is improved through superior heat dispersion and eliminating brake fade.
Only available for selected models.


Large-Volume Cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

Double Wishbone Independent Suspension is used for the front. This new system gently absorbs shocks from road surface to achieve excellent running stability and comfortable riding. Increased roll resistance ensures remarkable maneuverability on rough roads and when cornering.


VGS (Variable Geometry System) Turbo

By varying the turbo entry area, turbocharging is more efficient at low revs. This brings a number of benefits, including improvement of low-speed acceleration, better fuel economy and a reduction in PM.


Automated Manual Transmission (SMOOTHER)*

Vacuum-Controlled Exhaust Brakes

Lockable Fuel Tank Cap

Based on a manual transmission, AMT — Automated Manual Transmission — offers complete electronic control for easy, automatic gear shifting or a choice of sequential manual shifting. AMT does away with the clutch pedal, and its Econo mode provides automatic shifting, changing gears as necessary to maximize fuel efficiency. Fuel economy and engine braking power are both equivalent to vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, and maintenance costs associated with a clutch are eliminated. AMT promises a wide range of cost benefits.